Understanding the difference between the 2 types of weddings.


Weddings are wonderful, Joyous and the most importantly, the celebration of the union of 2 people. They bring families and friends together, to witness the sacred comitment of the couple joining their love together and embarking on their new journey together.   But, while weddings are a universal concept, they can differ significantly based on cultural traditions, customs, and personal preferences.  So lets take a look at the 2 primary types of weddings that most people use today, with some insight on the diversity of celebrations around the world. 

Being in a Modern world, lets start with the Modern weddings.   The Modern weddings embrace contemporary trends, in the contrast of traditional weddings, allowing the 2 individuals to be married to personalise their special day and also to be able to reflect their uniqueness. Modern weddings do not focus on cultural or religious customs but rather on individuals preferences. So  if you may wonder what are the two types of weddings? This first one we are talking about is the Modern wedding, which emphasises personnalisation and contemporary elements. 

Modern weddings allow the couples to be free to choose their wedding style, the venue and the overall ambiance. From your destination wedding in exotic locations, to intimate garden ceremonies, to private home set up, the couple to be married can create a truly personal and unique experience.   They may also opt for creative themes, or non-traditional vows, and maybe also alternatively different wedding attire, all while focusing on a celebration that will reflect their unique love story. 

The other primary wedding that couples go for is the Traditional wedding. They are deeply rooted in cultural heritage and reflect the customs and rituals of a specific region or religion or community which they are part of . These weddings Honoré age-old traditions emphasise the significance of family bonds and ancestral customs or religious practices.   So again if you main wonder What are the two types of wedding? This is the second one. The Traditional wedding, where people include customs and rituals play in the main core of the weddding ceremony. 

With these traditional weddings, the cultural elements are very important, such as the attire, the music, the dance, and the cuisine chosen for the reception,they do take the most important part of the ceremony’s celebrations.  For some example you look at the indian weddings, where the bride and groom often participate in rituals like Mehndi( Henna application). the Sanger musical evening, and the sacred exchange of garlands… Or you can look at the Chinese wedding, which also feature traditions such as the tea ceremony and the Lion Dance, which symbolise black and prosperity in their culture. 

So in conclusion, Weddings which ever type you decide to choose, are beautiful celebrations of love, bringing people together to honour the sacred union of two individuals.  So understanding the two types of weddings, The Traditional one and the Modern one, allows us to appreciate the rich diversity of customs and personalisation that exists within these celebrations.  

Again, “What are the two types of weddings?” Traditional weddings uphold cultural heritage and customs, while the modern weddings provide couples with the freedom to create a unique experience.    Ultimately, the type of wedding that the couple will choose will reflect their values, beliefs and true love they share.   So at the end, whether you decide to go for a traditional type of wedding with its time-honoured traditions, or you prefer to embark on a modern and personalised celebration, remember that both types of weddings hold their own significance and beauty. Love knows no bounds, and weddings are a testament to the enduring power of their incredible emotion that posses each and everyone of us.

What are the two types of weddings? They are the windows into the diverse ways love is celebrated, reminding us of the universal desire to share our lives with someone special.

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