Smart strategies to keep wedding costs down

Weddings are associated with Memorabke occasions, Joyful, Wonderful, Amazing… But they can also be a costly affairs! Couples dream for their perfect wedding day, but sometimes the expenses associated with the planning and execution of the wedding Day, can very quickly escalate. However, with careful planning and a little bit of creativity, it is possible to have a wonderful wedding Day without breaking your bank account!  In this blog post I will explore some practical strategies to help you keep your wedding costs down, without compromising on style or significance. 

A- Plan Ahead. One of the most effective ways to save money  on your wedding day, honeymoon anything really…is to plan well in advance. By planning ahead it allows you to explore multiple options, and to negotiate better deals. Compare to the last minutes arrangements which can tend to be more expensive as more limited in choices.  Also by booking early your Vendors, Venues, and services  it can help you secure some discount rates for early bird offers. 

B- Establish a Budget. Before diving into your wedding planning, I strongly suggest that you establish a realistic budget.  Once you have determined how much you and your partner are willing to spend and allocate specific amounts to each aspect of your wedding, such as your venue, your catering, the attire, the decorations …it will give you a better idea on which direction you can take. With a clear budget  in mind, you can then prioritise your spending in the right area, and avoid overspending in areas that are not as important. 

C- Another easy way to keep costs down is by Triming the Guests list!   Although not always easy to do, but keeping down the guests list is sure to save you money. Limiting the number of attendees, will reduce your catering expenses and in so will create a more intimate wedding atmosphere. Focus on having close friends and family memebers who are truly essential to your special day. 

D- Choosing the right Venue.  As obvious as it seems, choosing the right venue for your budget, will significantly help save your wedding costs. Wedding Venue is one of the most significant expense of your budget so choosing well and smart will help.  Such as choose a venue that offers both : The ceremony and Reception spaces to avoid additional charges.  You could also opt for « non-traditional venues » such as public parks, gardens, or community halls which are often more affordable. 

E- DIY when you can. Certain aspects of your wedding might be able to use your creativity and DIY skills. Invitations can cost quite a bit, so there coud be a good idea to handmade them, giving your invitations a more personal touch.  Center pieces can also quite easily be handmade rather than buying expensive Ornements. Wedding cakes can cost a lot too…So why not asking some favors with your skilled friends or family memebers, there is always someone who knows someone who loves cooking! By enlisting your friends or family memebers into your DIY weddings bits, can create a fun and memorable experience while keeping the costs down. 

F- Simplify the Menu & Bar.  Let’s be honest!  We all love to eat and drink at a wedding! Food & beverage are the major components of any wedding budget. So by simplifying the menu, or opting for a buffet style, or a family-style meal instead of individually served platters.   Also watch the seasonal and local ingredients which can be more cost effective.    For the bar, consider a more limited selection of beers and wines. Maybe keep it to one cocktail rather than full open bar. Some Cavan or Prosecco’s or Crémants, can cost way less than champagne and still be as enjoyable and tasty. 

G- Prioritise Services.  When selecting your vendor & services, focus on the essentials ones that will make the most significant impact on your wedding day.   Prioritise and a good photographer, a talented DJ /MC to make your wedding party exceptional and fun.maybe a live band.. And a reliable friend/bridesmaid to help with wedding planning. Skimping on these crucial services may lead to disappointment and regrets down the line. 

H- Wedding Attire. Rethink about your wedding dress and wedding suit, as it can be a substantial expense.  Consider shopping for pre-owned wedding dresses or renting formal wear instead of buying at full price new outfits.  You can find stunning dresses at a fraction of the price. Watch out for sales , mark downs, market place or consignment bridal stores 

I- Choose an Off-Peak season/day.  Getting married in an off peak season, or on a weekday can bring a reasonable saving. Many wedding vendors & Venues offer discounted rates, or lower prices during these times, as they have fewer bookings   Keep in mind that popular wedding dates, weekends, places tend to come at higher price tags. 

I- Finally, Negotiate!   We think that because it is a wedding that is a fixed rate. But some Venues, Vendors and Celebrants,MC’s will be open to some negotiations.   Like the say :  « if you dont ask, you wont know »   So dont hesitate to ask the hard questions and negotiate. 


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