Common things Brides forget for their weddings

Planning a wedding can be at the same time an  exhilarating but  also a very busy time for Brides to be. With such a big day in a bride’s life,  stress and all, a few important things might get forgotten.  It is not uncommon that a few things might slip through the Bride’s brain.  So on this blog, I will highlight only the top five common things brides often forget for their weddings.  Hopefully by keeping these in mind, it might ensure a smoother and more memorable experience for you all on your special day. 

1- The Marriage License, The Intention of marriage…   It might seem obvious to most of you, but in the midst of wedding preparations and all…obtaining a marriage license is an essential step that can sometimes be overlooked….  Specially also because each state has their own specific requirements for obtaining a marriage license, some require submitting documents and paying the fees.    Be sure to check with your celebrant the regulations in your state…

2- Eating & Hydration. Often in the rush and excitement of it all, brides do forget to eat or to keep hydrated.  Despite the fact that keeping hydrated and eating is a an essential must that the brides will need, in order to keep their energy levels up and by so allowing them to enjoy the day to its fullest.  It is a good idea to dedicate to one of your  bridesmaids for example to keep you recharge with snacks and drinks while you are getting ready and throughout the preparations.

3- The Emergency kit.  Due to unexpected situations, weather change or someone might get their high heels stucked and fall, little kids might play, run around and hurt themselves…there are always many situations that might need to have an emergency kit.  Also your dress might get caught into something, or tear …so having the extra safety pins,  extra bobby pins, sewing kit, stain remover, band aids, first aid kit, tissues , breath mints …among a few… might save the day from a disaster to only a smaller hick up.  Having these items readily available can save you from unnecessary stress…

4- The Transportation & Parking.   Transportation logistics are not always properly thought after for your guests.  While the Bride might have organise her own transportation to the wedding…sometimes one can forget for the “after wedding” transportation… how will the bride & groom travel together afterwards…and the guests …from the wedding party to the venue/reception.   Additionally, make sure your guests do have clear directions and details about the parking facilities and how to get from A:the wedding, to B:the reception..

5- To Finish, but none the less very important, The Vendor’s meals.    While the bride is busy planning the wedding, it is crucial to not forget that your vendors, such as photographers, videographers and musicians, will likely be on site for an extended period of time… and if the meals get forgotten for these individuals…that can lead to hungry vendors…and bring mistakes or lack of performance because they are working on empty stomachs. One can not think properly or act in their best capacities if they are hungry. 

In Conclusion, planning your wedding involves numerous details and tasks. Therefore it is not uncommon for certain things to slip through the cracks.  By keeping at least these 5 common things brides often forget in mind-:marriage license, eating & drinking, emergency kit, transportation, and vendor’s meals, it might help you keep your wedding day in order and to run smoothly so you can enjoy the celebrations to its fullest and minimise the stress.  Remember that it is your special day, so being prepared will certainly help you create the most beautiful memories of a lifetime. 

So, Brides to be, remember to take a big deep breath, to stay organised, and a checklist might be a good option so you do not forget any of these important elements.  

Happy planning, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! 

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